Build A Strong Web Presence For Your Non-Profit

A strong web presence is essential for nonprofit organizations. Aside from having one of the best ways to tell your story accurately, a website is a generator of revenue, public relations, and partnerships. Technology has created an e-commerce environment where people have become accustomed to making online transactions. A 501(c)(3) can tap into this vast customer behavior by creating a website that includes both information and a portal for online giving. Whether a charitable organization has a website that accepts donations or simply offers valuable information, having an online presence is a great way to help the nonprofit fundraising efforts of any 501(c)(3) group.

Broaden Your Reach

Let’s face it, the nonprofit landscape has changed over recent years. Organizations can no longer simply rely solely on mailings, phone calls, and event marketing. With a non profit website you can broaden your reach, engage new and existing donors, build relationships with potential volunteers, and build a platform for on-gong, monthly donations.

In order for any organizations to receive donations and fulfill its mission, it needs to reach people. A strong online presence is a cost-effective way to create the awareness needed to reach the masses.


A non-profit website will also capture your visitor’s information allowing you to create a database of people interested in your cause. When the time comes to reach out and request donations, or to recruit volunteers, you will already have the list generated.

The better your website, the easier it will be to persuade people to give of their money, time, and support.


A non-profit website is key in promoting your organization and cause beyond just word of mouth referrals. This is the perfect tool for accessing potential advocates and volunteers.


When your website can help tell your story in a visual, contextual, and emotional way, you can change potential donors and supporters into re-occurring donors and supporters. A website can be the tool to up-sell one-time donations into more committed monthly donations. If you want to practice and promote transparency, the best way to do that is a website that will showcase your organization’s mission and people. Let Walter Websites build a strong web presence for your non-profit organization.

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